Friday, September 6, 2013

Natural Beauty is best

I am a HUGE Macklemore fan.  His music is so much more than just putting words to a beat.  He writes songs that really mean something.  He isn't afraid of talking about controversial issues and going outside the lines.  Today I found a quote said by him in one of his songs.  I was shocked when I read it because I had never noticed it in any of his songs before.  But it is truly beautiful and something every woman should listen to.

This quote is from his song "Thin Line." This song chronicles the battle between rappers and their relationships with other people and their relationship with the rap game. 

I think that this quote emphasizes what we should really be focusing on: our natural beauty.  We are all overly critical of ourselves when we should love what we look like.  We should never have to cake our faces with makeup to feel pretty.  I'm not saying that we shouldn't wear makeup at all, but go for a more natural look that enhances our features rather than completely changes the look of our face.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


So guess what guys?!  My magazine was finally able to be published online with no problems!!!! YES!!! Now you guys can see what I worked on all summer!  I am pretty excited about this magazine, even though I know that it is nowhere near professional level.  I just wanted to get started on working on design format and writing for magazines.  I really hope you guys like it and want to hear all of your feedback!

Here's the link:

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Luna Mag pt. 2

So, this whole summer I worked a lot on my own magazine.  And.... It's finished!!!! Well actually it's been done for a while now, but I have been having problems putting it up on a website so that you guys can go and view it.  As soon as it is put up and just the way I want it I will let you guys know and give you the link so you can check it out!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Luna Mag

This summer I have also been keeping myself busy with starting my own magazine!  It will just be a small once a summer publication for pretty much just family and friends, but I am extremely excited about it!

So far I have only done about 20 pages, but it is extremely colorful.  And I do have to admit it is a little amateur looking, but hey, you gotta start somewhere right?  I've decided that this issue will be about everything summer since, well, it is the summer.  There is going to be a swimsuit guide, a makeup and color guide for summer wear, a media page, summer tweets page, a horoscope (hopefully), and several editorial pieces (my dad is even writing one for it!)  Oh I forgot!  There will even bee a few photo shoot spreads!  I am super exciting about doing those because my friends get to model and, well, things are bound to get crazy!

There isn't much more I can reveal about my mag without spilling all the beans, but I will give you guys a sneak peek of the cover.  It's not completely finished, but it's a start.  My beautiful friend Catherine from Syracuse University is gracing the cover.  This was actually just an impromptu shot that I took when I was filming a project for school and just happened to see her before we started filming.  It's probably one of my favorite shots I have taken though.  Enjoy the sneak peek!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Craziness!

Hello Readers!

I am terribly sorry for not posting for a while!  It's been almost a month! Ahhhhhhhhhh!  But I have been very busy with my skating and my internship.

I would love to tell you guys about the fabulous publication that I am interning at.  It is called CincyChic.  CincyChic is the only online lifestyle publication for women in the Greater Cincinnati area.  We cover a complete variety of topics, since each of our issues has a different theme.  I have written about an 18 year old who has open heart surgery to a local coffee shop that shows off cars every Saturday to a man who walked 240 miles for sexual violence victims.  The possibilities are endless.

I have also had the pleasure of helping out with two of our events, Champagne and Shoes and the Red, Pink, and Blue event.  Both events featured fashion shows and vendors and brought chic women from all around Cincinnati to one area.

If you would like to find out more about CincyChic go to and if you would like to read any of the articles I have done so far go to